Call-Out Service

Should you choose not to opt in to the fixed payment Site Manager service, we are still more than happy to visit your site on your request and negotiate any little niggles, payment and standard of work issues, resolve any disputes or clear up any concerns or issues in order to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as is possible.

Often, as is the nature of building, even if a project is professionally managed, small unforeseen issues may still pop up during a project. Ideal Building Solutions would operate upon your behalf in order to resolve any such issues and/or offer any advice and expertise. Each visit will be documented by way of a full site report to ensure that you can understand exactly what has happened and why – with a clear resolution in place.

This is an additional service and we won’t engage in this without making you aware of any costs beforehand.
Opting in or out of this service does nothing to invalidate the free IBS service stated on the “How IBS Works” page.
To discuss this and to negotiate any costs or fees, please contact us.