Full Project Management

IBS also offer a full project management service which ensures that the entire build will be overseen by professionals operating and delivering instruction to your contractors on your behalf. Our full project management service ideally suits those clients who require full peace of mind throughout their project and will be handled in the best possible manner to the highest standard of work.

This will usually require a site visit each day, or at the very least, 3 visits per week, with your chosen contractors liaising with Ideal Building Solutions at all times, ensuring that the pressure is taken away from you. There is no need for you to worry about builders, plumbers, plasterers or any other tradesman. We will ensure that, not only will your project run to plan, but also to budget and that, most importantly, it’s delivered on time.

This is an additional service and we won’t engage in this without making you aware of any costs beforehand.
Opting in or out of this service does nothing to invalidate the free IBS service stated on the “How IBS Works” page.
To discuss this and to negotiate any costs or fees, please contact us.