Ongoing Project Management

During the building process, your chosen builder will define a set series of stages in order to complete the building process, upon completion of each stage they’ll require partial payment. For example, the first stage may be completing the foundations, stage two may be complete when the flooring has been fully laid and so on.

Upon completion of each stage of your project, your IBS Project Manager can visit the site to either pass off the work as satisfactory or decline the work so far. Subject to mutual approval, you will then be required to submit payment to the builder. We will charge a set fee for each visit, ensuring that all workmanship conforms to Building Control Regulations and also negotiate with your chosen builders upon your behalf. If you choose IBS to project manage your stage payments, it will give you full peace of mind, firstly that your project conforms to building control and you obtain a 1st class job, IBS would set out our fees before works commence.

On completion of your project, IBS will still be on hand to make sure you obtain all the relevant paperwork so your project has all the correct documentation required to sell your property if required in the future.

This is an additional service and we won’t engage in this without making you aware of any costs beforehand.
Opting in or out of this service does nothing to invalidate the free IBS service stated on the “How IBS Works” page.
To discuss this and to negotiate any costs or fees, please contact us.